ARMADA, Michigan

OK. To be quite honest, other than that the population being less than 2,000 and its the main industry being something of farming, what I know of Armada outside of Blakes Cider Mill is seldom to none. But the fact that Blakes Cider Mill alone brings in thousands of excited tourist every year, and it only being about … Continue reading ARMADA, Michigan

FIT FRIDAY JAN 2018 UPDATE Wow. The last time I posted a Fit Friday post was on my birthday last year (SQUATS FOR SHOTS) and so much has changed since. So much! Like my entire fitness journey uprooted, took a 180 and started over. Here's a cute little timeline to keep you updated. May 2017 Birthday. (Turns 25) reading FIT FRIDAY JAN 2018 UPDATE

Bonfire ATL

If you're ready to heat up the end of your weekend with impassioned, spirited people, music ablaze and good company, then Bonfire ATL should be on your Sunday night radar. Bonfire ATL is for sure a part of Atlanta's underground as the ATLiens come out in a BYOB fashion and gather around a blazing hot fire. … Continue reading Bonfire ATL