Plankin’ at Piedmont Park

One of my least favorite exercises to do are planks. Plank /plaNGk/ Verb The plank (also called a front hold, hover, or abdominal bridge) is an isometric core strength exercise that involves maintaining a position similar to a push-up for the maximum possible time. I’m not a fan of this exercise, yet I do them weeklyContinue reading “Plankin’ at Piedmont Park”


Wow. The last time I posted a Fit Friday post was on my birthday last year (SQUATS FOR SHOTS) and so much has changed since. So much! Like my entire fitness journey uprooted, took a 180 and started over. Here’s a cute little timeline to keep you updated. May 2017 Birthday. (Turns 25) June 2017.Continue reading “FIT FRIDAY JAN 2018 UPDATE”

Fit Friday —5.12.17 SHOTS FOR SQUATS

  Hey hey! It’s FRIDAY so I know you all know what that means! IT’S FIT FRIDAY! YAYYY! SO TODAY, one day before I turn 25, I wanted to celebrate with you while still achieving my fitness goals of a big round fat butt. So I bring to you SHOTS FOR SQUATS! For ever 25Continue reading “Fit Friday —5.12.17 SHOTS FOR SQUATS”

Fit Friday 2.24.17 —Tackling an Outdoor Gym

Hey guys, it’s Friday which means it’s time for me to bring you yet another Fit Friday where I travel around the city searching for fun ways to get you all involved in fitness. This week, I took it back to the largest park in the Atlanta,  Piedmont Park, for an exciting outdoor workout. OutdoorContinue reading “Fit Friday 2.24.17 —Tackling an Outdoor Gym”

Fit Friday 2.17.17 — Core Power Yoga

SO this week, on Fit Friday I decided to step outside of the gym and into a studio for some hot stretching and meditation also known as Hot Yoga. My instructor, and dear friend Kyle, was able to teach me some basic positions to help keep my muscles relaxed and limber. Yoga is often overlookedContinue reading “Fit Friday 2.17.17 — Core Power Yoga”

Fit Friday 2.10.17 — Bounce Back

I love being motivated and sometimes good music is the push you need. This week Big Sean dropped his new album, I Decided, and I love it. And when I like new music, you can bet that’s all I’m going to listen to while I work out. I was excited to go to the gym equallyContinue reading “Fit Friday 2.10.17 — Bounce Back”

Fit Friday 2.3.17 —Stone Mountain

Hey hey hey! It’s Frida AAAA ay which means it’s time I sit you all down and get you all updated with my most recent fitness goals! Yay! I know all of you are just excited as I am. So this week you guys would be proud. Starting early Monday, I went in.. HARD! Unlike myContinue reading “Fit Friday 2.3.17 —Stone Mountain”

Fit Friday 1.20.17 — A Thick Line Between Tots and Peaches

A THICK LINE BETWEEN TOTS AND PEACHES I will not eat any more tater tots. I WILL NOT EAT ANY MORE TATER TOTS! OK so this might sound like a silly affirmation but I’ve discovered during my fitness journey that I really have to change my eating habits. While it’s pretty easy to get motivatedContinue reading “Fit Friday 1.20.17 — A Thick Line Between Tots and Peaches”