Fit Friday 2.3.17 —Stone Mountain

Hey hey hey!

It’s Frida AAAA ay which means it’s time I sit you all down and get you all updated with my most recent fitness goals! Yay! I know all of you are just excited as I am.

So this week you guys would be proud. Starting early Monday, I went in.. HARD! Unlike my short workouts last week, this week I made time for full workouts that got my heart rate and sweat glands dripping rapidly.

Monday, I took my workout to the gym. I took the time to do multiple rounds of cardio which included 25 minutes on the treadmill, 10 minutes on the stair master and had a hell of a leg day with various machines such as the leg press, leg curls and some good ole standard squats. I found myself putting up more weight and running a tad bit faster than I usually do — 6.5 straight for about 30 minutes to be exact.

Tuesday, I drove far out to the east side of Atlanta so hike the infamous Stone Mountain. Stone Mountain, located in Stone Mountain GA, is a 1.4-mile hike up filled with glorious views of the city from afar. I tackled the mountain with my good friend Keisha and together we kicked each others butt as we ran up the mountain in competition with the other. And once we got to the top, and took in the breathtaking sunset, we raced back down, completing the 3-mile- mountain hike full circle.

Wednesday, I decided to take a run outdoors and unlike my usual park run, I hit the streets scenic route which led me through the sidewalks of downtown Atlanta. Unlike being secluded by midtown neighborhoods, I was right in the midst of traffic, businessmen and women walking to or from lunch and stopped constantly by street lights. I got the hoots and hollers from construction workers and my music was topped off with the sound of car horns honking.  I often ran into a fog of smoke from the casual cigarette smoker walking in my path which sucked but hey, you can’t get your cake and eat it too.. right? But there’s something about city running that makes me feel like I belong in a Nike commercial. Sounds weird but I love it.

Thursday, rest day!

Friday, Took a 2 mile run outside at Piedmont Park.

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