College Football Hall of Fame

As someone who adores college football, I HAD to make it to the College Football Hall of Fame. So one day, Charles and I ventured downtown for a football fun day! So as most of you know, I graduated from Michigan State (Go Green!) and we do pretty good for ourselves in athletics. Over the past 10 years, MSU has won three conference championships, two divisional championships, 4 bowl games, and made it, yet unfortunately lost this past years CFP semifinal against Alabama. But never the less, our football team, Coached under Mark Dantinio has always been a blast to cheer on.

Spartan Stadium, East Lansing Mich.

The first thing you’ll notice when walking into the College Football HOF are rows of hundreds of helmets. Apparently, this wall holds a helmet for every college football Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 12.05.26 PMprogram in the nation. These helmets put into prospective on how much college football is played every weekend during the season. I was amazed. Can you imagine how many tailgates and beer consumption goes on Saturdays? Wow. All the way at the top of course was the most important one —the Michigan State green and white one!

The museum is filled with historic artifacts about college football. They display various championships, coaches and key players along with the history from hundreds of universities all over the nation.It was cool to see all of the trophies for the victorious games played even before my time.

Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 4.42.54 PM

The museum shows reruns of those close jaw-clenching moments we all remember from our university’s home stadium or our living room television gathered round with loud mouth cheering fans. And while I’m particularly biased to a MSU fan base, it was interesting to learn about other football programs and how it effects who and how we play at MSU.

There are various stations where you can sing your university’s fight song, sit at a mock ESPN anchor desk and even take place in a radio broadcast where you are the play-by-play announcer for real games in the past.

And while learning the history and facts about any team you could possible think of was fun itself, the HOF really saves the best experience for last where you can see what it feels like to be a football player with drills and practices on an actual football field.

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