the JOURNEY is my favorite part


  1. an act of traveling from one place to another.


Anchorage, Alaska

what up doe!

WELCOME TO APRIL IN THE A— Your tour guide around the world! Come with me as I travel the globe, one A-letter location at a time.

Summer Series
Avalon, Catalina Island
Antwerp, Belgium

I’m a twenty-something millennial who enjoys the freedom of getting lost in Journey. Anthony Bourdain and Oprah Winfrey had a baby— They named me Aprah. Amazing tours and fun adventures are waiting.

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Discover the Climate

I’ll show you different cultures, traditions, landscapes and weather. Find out what fuels the economy and why people leave or stay put.



APRIL IN THE A spends a month in Asia covering Xiamen, Tokyo and Okinawa

Ever wondered what Kings Day is like in Amsterdam?, or want a glimpse inside of Americans top-max, most-wanted prison on Alcatraz Island? Are you curious as to what the temperatures are deep in the desert at Arizona’s Antelope Canyon?, the wind speeds South of France in Antibes? Or, no!, you’re interested in watching a few authentic fights off the Andaman Sea in Thailand and see how it compares to boxing in Atlanta, GA. Don’t worry, I got it covered! But first, get a snack because you might be here for a while! Quick bites are available from my MunchieMonday collection. But hurry back and give me your undivided eyes as I curiously take you around the world!

Alkmaar, Netherlands

Learn about one of the oldest cheese traditions dating back to the 1500s.

Antwerp, Belgium

Ever heard of Antwerp? This major city impacts nearly every human on earth. Find out why.


Alcatraz Island, USA

Step into one of the most infamous, supermax penitentiary for Americas Most Wanted.


Accurate weather, always.


Summer bodies are made all year round. Follow the different ways APRIL IN THE A sweat with #FITFRIDAY ADVENTURES


Paradiso Art Hotel, Ibiza Spain

From ART HOTELS to city hostels, and Airbnb’s, I’ll switch it up, showing you a full array of travel options.

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