Welcome to April in the A! — your new visual tour around the city. I’m thrilled to have you here! My name is April and I recently moved here to Atlanta from Michigan. And while I’m still very much figuring this city out, I would love to bring you with me as I take on Atlanta from a tourist perspective. I absolutely love going on adventures and I want to show you what I discover. I want to share with you the history, the arts, the cool neighborhoods, the culture, the food, the fitness, the people..and pretty much everything under the hot’lanta sun! There is something about traveling, jumping into different cultures and meeting new people that absolutely gets me going! As an inquisitive journalist, I want to take you guys on adventures you’ll never forget while also maybe teaching you something both unique and compelling. My mission is to stimulate that brain of yours, and get conversations going about things you’ve never thought about while showing you places you never knew existed. So come explore with me, your girl April, it’ll be fun I promise!