What up doe. I’m April 🌻

Welcome to April in the A! — your new visual tour around the world.. well, places mainly dealing with the letter A. I’m thrilled to have you here! Get ready to step in and out of multicultural locations where I’ll give you a glimpse into the food, fitness, weather forecast and random fun adventures dealing with the local scenery! As an inquisitive journalist, I want to dissect the world and share with you with what I discover. Oprah and Anthony Bourdain had a baby. They named me Aprah.  Think about it.

Think about it some more. 

I’m a twenty-something Detroit-made-millennial, working to make my mark in this world while loving the freedom of being lost. As I travel around, I want to bring you along. So come explore with me — April in the A — The Journey is My Favorite Part.