Fit Friday 3.10.17

Sorry guys I went missing this Friday and didn’t post a Fit Friday! I was on a much needed break to Okebchobee Music Festival and had a blasssssst dancing and hanging out with good people and even better artist! Wow, if you weren’t there, you missed out but it’s ok I’ll share with you a video soon, where you can relive it and you can pretend you were right there with me.

But yes, back to fitness. It’s ok to miss a few days or even a week of working out. Life happens — birthdays, vacations, weddings, funerals, you get it.  The key though is to get right back on back on the treadmill, hop back on your favorite trail or head back into the gym like you never left. That is important. Not losing your momentum is important for getting the results you want.

This week, I decided to take a late night run out to Jackson Street Bridge where you get the most beautiful and crisp view of Atlanta. It’s the view most think of when they think of Atlanta’s skyline, and the location is featured on shows such as The Walking Dead.

So here I bring you a run I had with a couple of friends who helped make it more enjoyable. Shootout to Keisha and Edwin for helping me shoot, workout and enjoy my run all at the same time!



April J.

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