Bonfire ATL

If you’re ready to heat up the end of your weekend with impassioned, spirited people, music ablaze and good company, then Bonfire ATL should be on your Sunday night radar.


Bonfire ATL is for sure a part of Atlanta’s underground as the ATLiens come out in a BYOB fashion and gather around a blazing hot fire. It’s described as a community kickback catering to the urban underground associated with a creative group of people and going there felt true to its definition.

Initially, upon arrival, I was like “mmmh oh there’s a huge fire.” It didn’t seem like it was any different than a bonfire you have with friends in your early twenties because you’re all too young to do anything else. There is a huge warehouse with a few skateboard ramps and people standing around.  It didn’t seem like anything special and it felt like I kind of got swindled for the $10 ticket and $5 parking fee to attend this event. But wait for it. Hold your negativity away, relax and just chill out. Apparently, I was early.

Starter kit for a great time at your first bonfire:

  1. A great group of friends.
  2. A bottomless cup of your favorite drink.
  3. Extra money for small purchases.
  4. Your dancing shoes and a dazzling personality.

Step 1. Gather your squad.

So beforehand, a group of my friends all met up so we could try it out together, most of us for the first time. Not saying that it’s absolutely needed to go with a big group, but it definitely makes the experience all the better. There are so many different vibes going on, so bring people who you can dance with, rap with, vibe with, maybe take edibles, feel like a skater kid and genuinely have a great time with. There’s so much to do and so many other people you can meet up with. It’s like a kickbacks on kickbacks to create an entire system of really chill people who just want to, well, kick it.

This was my squad. Missing a few, but here we are.


Step 2. BYOB

If you look closely in the picture above, you can see that we all have various cups, a bottled, a canned beer, a small wine bottle, and a rather tasty box of wine sitting in the corner. We’re all drinking different things because we brought them separately. Bonfire ATL is a BYOB hangout and if you don’t know that beforehand, you’ll be SOL, and depending on how you party, that could be very disappointing even more due to the fact that most liquor stores close after 8 pm on Sunday, so you’re double fucked. Sorry mom.  But to be honest, you really don’t need to drink to have a great time at this venue. There’s so much around you to keep you entertained.

Step 3. Have some cash for extra purchases.


OK so while many of you may have big girl jobs, and you only use your debit card, and your ATM is never in reach, blase blase, I’d advise you to come with at least $20 cash in your pocket when coming to Bonfire ATL.

While you can’t buy alcohol here, — legally at least —there’s so much cool artwork to purchase, delicious food to eat, flavorful creamy edibles to take and crowd-gathering artist to support. This is Atlanta’s underground and the talent here is often mind blowing. The locals are usually very down to earth, who live for the beauty in art and creativity. So whether you’re always hungry, or love to support the grind, bring some of that green dirty paper… you’d be glad you did.

Step 4. Bring a dazzling personality.

This is a place to let loose. It’s not a boogie, black dress, stiletto place where you and your homegirls or boys are going to walk to come flexing. Get comfortable. Wear some jeans, a hoodie maybe, a beanie and some comfortable shoes you maybe won’t mind getting dirty. And with that wardrobe, you can expect the people here to be chill and vibe out to some good music. If you’re anything like me, you’re gunna wanna dance. Inside there are live performances, and the atmosphere is so inspiring. Let loose, have fun and laugh with your friends. Meet new friends. Make memories.

At this point, I’ve been to BonFire ATL twice. Both times we’re unique experiences and I found myself dancing and smiling the night away. While your weekend is winding down from other events found in the city, I’d recommended stepping into the artistic feels of Bonfire ATL. You’d be foolish not to give it a try. 



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