Fit Friday 2.24.17 —Tackling an Outdoor Gym

Hey guys, it’s Friday which means it’s time for me to bring you yet another Fit Friday where I travel around the city searching for fun ways to get you all involved in fitness. This week, I took it back to the largest park in the Atlanta,  Piedmont Park, for an exciting outdoor workout.

Outdoor gyms are popping up everywhere. You see them in beach towns, universities, and in my very case, I found one smack dead in the middle of ATL’s largest park.

If used properly, these outdoor gyms will give you some of the same benefits you get from a costly gym membership without the strain on your pockets. Typical outdoor gyms include various circuits for your upper body, lower body and core — some even have equipment for cardio. The one thing most are missing are weights for weight training.

For those who say, I don’t even know where to start with these fabricated jungle gyms, fear not, because there are directions that will tell you step by step, day by day, what you should be doing.

And seriously, who doesn’t like breathing fresh air while working out?

Take a look at my video above and go try one out for yourself!



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