Wow. The last time I posted a Fit Friday post was on my birthday last year (SQUATS FOR SHOTS) and so much has changed since. So much! Like my entire fitness journey uprooted, took a 180 and started over.

Here’s a cute little timeline to keep you updated.

May 2017 Birthday. (Turns 25)

June 2017. Joins X3 sports

  • Joining was one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself. Pricey? Yes. But the gym itself offers everything you need for a full body transformation. I used to be a cardio girl. Run run run until my legs couldn’t go further. I barely used weights and I was controlled by the ever changing numbers given to me daily from my scale. If the number wen’t up, I’d must be doing something wrong and I’d continue running my life away. This all changed with X3.
Screen Shot 2018-01-05 at 5.09.25 PM
Fuck America, I’ll fight that hoe.
  •  X3 SPORTS has a ton of classes to try & with kickboxing being my favorite, I’d become somewhat of a gym rat. Every chance I could, I was there. Sore & exhausted, I kept going. I loved the transformations I and was somewhat addicted.

Over the next few months, I decided to try exercises from Acro Yoga, working out with toddlers, biking, regular yoga, jump roping, hiking mountains and so much more.

Outside of FIT FRIDAY, I found myself connecting with other athletic people in Atlanta who were, like me promoting a fitness lifestyle through social media.

Finding these people helped with questions, motivation and gave me tips on achieving the dream body I desire. I started running less, squatting more, lifting more and BAM, I got a booty! Like a real life strong but jiggly, firm booty that’d I ALWAYS dreamed and longed for. Thrilled, I went harder.


September 2017. Sprained my ankle. SMH

OK. So I defiantly didn’t plan for this to happen. One wrong jump while jump roping had me in so much excruciating pain. The worst part is, I didn’t ice, elevate or take a salt bath for a least a month after I’d damaged it. I apparently have issues with self destruction so I limped around thinking it’d magically get better. I was wrong. I ran.. well tried to run on it, take kickboxing classes where I constantly pounded the ankle into mats. Wtf was I thinking?

OCTOBER 2017. Break time.

Eventually I had to take a total break from everything and rest. Finally went to the doctors and started taking care of myself. I was so afraid I’d hit my peak and like many others I’d no longer be able to workout the way “I once used to”. Also, for anyone who knows me, they know A GIRL CAN EAT. I’m not uslaly worried about my extreme diet habits because I’m always working out, but with a sprain ankle… ahh what was I to do. Go on a diet? FUCK NO. I just gained weight lol. I chose FIT FRIDAY ideas that didn’t require much ankle work.

DECEMBER 2017. Got the clear to workout on my ankle.

OK So now probably 10 pounds heavier from my constant food consumption, I decided it was time to work it all off. It wasn’t too obvious I’d gained weight but I could tell. But instead of focusing on cardio, I decided to stick to weight lifting. Talk about booty gains. Talk about slim thick, talk about a southern fried chicken lifting ass shortie. It was lit. I hadn’t weighed myself in months and I was happy. I returned back to X3 and pretty much picked up where I left off.

I continued making FIT FRIDAY videos… doing silly things like working out with coal for Christmas, running with trains and hula hooping.


January 2018. FIT LIVE.

So in 2018, I decided to try something new. Instead of making my FIT FRIDAY video for workout motivation, I’m starting FIT LIVE. Fit live is a live look into my Friday workouts. I plan on jumping in and out of random gyms and fitness studios to show my viewers different workouts they can too try here in Atlanta. I’m talking about belly dancing, pole dancing, cycling, trampoline kind of workouts.

For the first FIT LIVE, I decided I’d go to my very own gym (surprise surprise) and learn the fundamentals of Juijitsu. My fitness coach lead me through drills which included the art of throwing, how to properly break a fall and more. Check it out below!


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