The Power of Affirmation

Hey! This has been a hell of a year. While January was the longest month I’ve ever had to endure, the rest of the year flew by. Spoiler alert: 2018 is almost over!!! Crazy! There have been so many memorable moments that filled this year, making it one of the best, honestly, the best year, in my entire life. Here’s a glimpse into my year, one month, and multiple hairstyles at a time.


Jan 1.2018 —The poorest I’d be in 2018.

2018 off the back, was filled with so many highs and lows. December 2017 was a hard one for me. God definitely had to be testing my patience because everything that could go wrong, did. Trying to be positive, I made sure to write out my 2018 affirmations and wrote a few letters to the moon.

I had high hopes of 2018. Uncertain of most things but I was in for the ride.

This was the month of pure hustle and making money was my number one priority. I had places I wanted to go to and I was dying to take my brand to a new level. Doing so involves money. Lots of it. People forget how expensive a non-traditional dream is. You have to front money to mold your business, hoping it will come full circle.

Up until this point, I was living pretty broke. After “most” bills were paid and adventures needed to keep my brand relevant, my bank account rarely read in three digits.

Understanding that we are the highest being and have the power to attract anything we want in life, I wrote a letter to the universe during the first full moon, and amongst other things, I stated that MONEY COMES FREQUENTLY AND ABUNDANTLY. After I kissed to seal the note, I tightly folded it up, found the right window to place it in and let the universe do its magic. That right there is where I can pinpoint a change. I also tried to stop thinking about money as an evil entity (people hate what they don’t have and nothing good comes out of hate).

Suddenly, before I knew it, I started making more money — lots of it actually, doing the same things I were doing prior. I’m not sure if the universe was like “pick your hustle game up” or just granted my wish, but money started popping out of nowhere. I meannnnn, I was working seven days of the week. At my job as a nanny, I demanded (nicely) to go on salary. This was my income for adult bills. You know, rent, car payment, insurance, etc. At my other job, to fund APRIL IN THE A, I worked at a bar weekend nights in Cabbagetown. There, I turned up my charm. $5 tips turned into $20 or $50 tips. Happy people attract happy money. 10 hour nights would go by in a blur and I would walk out with almost double than before. The way I thought about money changed. Using the concepts of Law of Attraction, I was able to attract more of what I wanted.. in this case..  more money.

Whether I was able to save it is a whole nother story. My Jeep ended up costing hundreds of dollars, and I had a sick cat who needed expensive medication and of course, random bills started popping out of thin air. But I was able to understand that money comes, money goes and if you allow it, it will come back FREQUENTLY… Again and again!

I stopped embarrassingly asking my dad for $50 to get me through a week of groceries as my bank statements soon were suddenly able to reach the four-digit mark! While the rest of my January was long endurement, filled with other insane highs and lows, at least I was making money.


 And this was the beginning of a successful year full of abundance. #werkwerktwerk. 

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