Fit Friday 2.10.17 — Bounce Back

I love being motivated and sometimes good music is the push you need.

This week Big Sean dropped his new album, I Decided, and I love it. And when I like new music, you can bet that’s all I’m going to listen to while I work out. I was excited to go to the gym equally as excited to hear songs like Bounce Back, The Light, and Jump out the Window. They gave me energy and I just had to do it for the D.

For the most part, I spend the entire week training in the gym— leg day, arm day, cardio, kickboxing, pilate class, you name it. Unlike last week, I ate cleaner, felt lighter, and slept more. I made a point to wake up around sunrise and drank tons of water.

This week on my Fit Friday vlog, I’ll share with you what a lower body workout looks like for me while in the gym. I’m currently in the process of changing a few things up, but this is what got me thus far. When I’m sending you sweaty Snapchats during my workout, this is whats’s usually going on behind the scenes.


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