My Fitness Experiment—Week 1

So I’ve decided that every week, much like Gayle King (Oprah’s best friend!) does, I’ll do a weigh in publicly to show you my fitness transformation that I plan on doing. As of now, I work out pretty regularly, but I want to start building more muscle and a greater endurance to start training for another half marathon. I’ll share with you my weight, workout plans, and discuss what works best to get me better results.Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 4.19.34 PM

I plan on getting involved with cross fitness, various team sports such as flag football and my hope is to start running much much more. I also want to give motivation to others as they see me achieve my goals. I want to give you my day to day routines; Both when I struggle and when I am a beast and feeling absolutley fantabulous! You’ll have it all! But most importantly I want to have it all as well. Documenting yourself doing whatever just sets you up for success. I’m ready to win! haha ok this is getting a bit cheesy, just know I’m excited.

Come workout with me! It’ll be fun I promise.

Feel free to post any advice and comments!

Day 1. Run

So this week was a particular emotional rough one to say the least but I made it my mission to stay focused and pursue this journey. I started it off working the morning shift,exhausted from the night before but realized I had to get in a good workout. So once I got off, I took a short catnap (because I mean what else do you do during the Georgia heat) and got geared up for a run.

My favorite time to run is right before sunset. While the sun is starting to go down, the sun rays are still and will remain decently bright for the duration of my run, unless I get sidetracked. My usual quick run consist of me heading north of my apartment towards Piedmont Park. The run to the park is about a mile and a half. It consists of crossing two major roads, major elevation changes and focus as I try not to trip from the distraction of the cute park homes. I try not to stop, but sometimes it’s necessary. Once I get down to 10th street, I then decide if I want to go further, extending my workout into the park or if I want to turn around and complete the next mile and a half steep run back home. In this case on Monday, I decided to turn back around. It was getting late and I really just wanted to run to clear my mind. I wasn’t looking for an extensive workout. By the time I got back around to my home the sun was just starting to really go down. Proud of myself, I showered and met a friend for a cocktail. And also left my workout app on. ugh!


Day 2. Rest

I had a lot going on. Woke up late and then spent the day working on this website until I went to work that night. Ate healthy though! Duley Salad which consist of grilled chicken, spring mix lettuce, oranges, cashews, tomatoes, peanut sauce and cilantro lime vinaigrette! yum!

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 6.45.01 AM

Day 3. Gym

Gym day! So I woke up early on Wednesday morning. My body usually wakes me up around 7:52 a.m. and I then decide if I want to fall back asleep or start my day. Today I got up. Starting with a cup of blueberry tea, I kind of hung around for an hour or so until I basically forced myself to get dressed for the gym. Usually I’m more inspired to workout but this week things were a little off. I can honestly say I repeated Nike’s slogan multiple times out loud for that extra boost to leave out for the gym.

While outdoor running gives you the mindset of adventures, sweat, and the sun beaming down you you (argggh Hotlanta!) the indoors give you a sense of training. There you can monitor the speed of your miles and change inclines yourself; somewhat controlling your course.

Wednesday, I ran 2 miles on the treadmill, did a total of 100 variational ab workouts and 75 squats. My main meal was a grilled chicken veggie sandwich on whole wheat and green beans.

Screen Shot 2016-06-16 at 10.19.53 PM


Day 4. Run

Today I did the same run from Monday. Same run nothing different at all. lol. I’ll change it up next time. But this is what I look like right now!

I am just soaking up all of the sun. Team Melanin!

One thought on “My Fitness Experiment—Week 1

  1. It’s great you are experimenting with fitness. What I like is the balanced approach of both running and the gym. Keep it up and update us 🙂
    Feel free to check out my online personal training, free informational articles/videos, and so much more at


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