City Running

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 3.24.05 PM

Running through the city for me gives me a chance to explore the way people live down here. Whether it’s seeing the various skyscrapers and the people walking in and out of the 9-5 work offices,  or whether it’s my route that brings me by a homeless shelter, giving me a huge sense of reality. Running though the city keeps me in check. It is simply breathing the city air. Breathe in, car passes, breath out, blinking yellow light. Rest. Breath in, white walk sign, breath out, “on your left!”, as your almost run into a mob of briefcases. It’s where my street skills are at it’s height while at the same time my mind is on my dreams and aspirations. You use the natural elevation as your incline, the stop lights as your quick rest. The people as your motivation.

The infrastructure to stretch. The sunsets for inspiration. And while many people are not conditioned to enjoy the art of running, once you get the pace down and the constant stride, running becomes mindless.

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