IBIZA sits in an archipelago located at the southern mouth of Spain.

1. An Archipelago is a landform that is a group of many islands. Some of the most famous archipelagos of the world are many of the islands around Japan, Hawaii and the British Islands.

The weather sits about 90 degrees daytime, it hardly rains and it’s really nothing less than paradise which makes it a trendy beach destination in Europe.
Nude beaches, fresh seafood, a plethora of unique shopping, wild nightlife, young people, old people, budgeters, rich, famous DJ’s,  tourists of all accents, and nationalities.  It’s a melting pot of vacationers from all over the world!

I was in Paris, France, for a work trip in September and with my weekend free, I thought… why race back to the States and instead spend some time cheaply jet setting around Europe.

With a recent interest in Ibiza, my mission to find a place that had something to do with “A”. Ibiza ends with an A but couldn’t find anything else about Ibiza that I could make some sense with. Hmmm… wtf could I make “A” about. And then I start doing research of Ibiza. See, I always try to find a way around it. Whether it be a sea or river, city, country, museum etc..

Then BAM!


And that’s how I ended up in Ibiza, feeling guilt-free. Booked a $150 roundtrip 90-minute flight from Paris, and took off.


IMG_3598 2

I’ve never stayed at an art hotel but heard a little about them.

They are unique boutique-like hotels with art-like concepts catered to trigger creativity, though poppy colors and designs.

Art Hotels are typically priced higher than regular chain hotels. Personally, already thinking how hotels overcharge, compared to comfortable and spacious Airbnbs it’s hard for me to book an expensive small-boxed hotel. But this one was so cute!

IMG_1169 3hmmm.. 

Digital Nomad Tip: What service or influence can you exchange for a discount.? You can’t just exist, that’s what tourists do. You find a way to hustle.

I emailed the hotel manager, offered video/photos/influence and, they agreed and made staying at this artsy boutique hotel would be both affordable and full.

Welcome to Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel. This hotel’s point focus on bold, vibrate colors with a playful chic atmosphere.

This place is definitely a vibe.

The neon, colors, design, the poolside DJ and the fact that there was tattoo shop available on site made this experience worth coming to Ibiza. Of course I hit the town and beach, but I hid away at this fascinating hotel a little more, soaking up this little artsy slice of paradise. I’d totally recommend this place to anyone. Adults only, so keep the kids at home.



IMG_9970 3


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