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And although my entire life, opening day meant going and supporting my Detroit Tigers, this year I tried something different. As a new ATLien, I embraced the idea of cheering on another pack of boys and attended a very historic day at Turner Field. The last opening day, it will ever see.

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As most people know, Atlanta really gained its popularity from the 1996 Olympics. That year, millions of people from around the world gathered to this city for the 100th anniversary of the first Olympic Game. Turner Field, then known as Centennial Olympic Stadium was where many summer events took place.

Now 20 years later,the stadium will host it’s last season of baseball. And while this was my first time ever stepping foot into the stadium, I was a part of a celebration of timeless memories once created here. From Muhammad Ali lighting the Olympic Torch all the way up to me drunkenly eating hotdogs and making memories with new friends, history and memories will forever live in the hearts of those who has been apart of this stadium.

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There are 80 games to be played this season, and a new supporter of this city, I plan on attending at least a few more games this year. My Detroit Tigers won’t be here until the 78-80th game and you better believe I will be here again to send off the Braves while rooting for my home team.




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