About me

What up doe. I’m April.

Thanks for stopping by! I am a Detroit Made, adventurer who loves the freedom of being lost. I recently moved to Atlanta GA., to follow my dreams on becoming a film documentarian and I’d figure I’d take the city by storm and explore the hell out of it.  I’m a twenty something millennial who appreciates creativity and originality.

I graduated from Michigan State University with a B.A. in journalism and I have always had a passion to see and share my surroundings. I love being outdoors, staying fit and anything visually and or musically appealing.

My dream is to become the millennial version of Oprah. I firmly believe in the Law of Attraction, conscious thinking and metaphysics. I probably drink too much coffee and I always find a way to have a flower in my hair just about every single day. I’m a huge MSU and Detroit sports fan, and I’m a taurus.  Most of all, I love to explore. I  want to show you the unknown through my adventurous eyes as I figure this world out. Come on, let’s go.. The journey is my favorite part. 🌻