30 Days of April in the A

Oh, you would look at that! If it weren’t for calendars, I’d for sure think it was a joke. How did we get here so quickly?  It’s like we blinked past the first couple of months and finally landed on the fourth and my most favorite month of the year!  It’s FINALLY APRIL! Of course, I had to show respect and dedicate myself to making April in the A something major.  I’ve decided to releases daily short videos highlight things I’ve done around the city so far.

So all thirty days of April, I will release a new video to better your familiar with this southern city and why I’m so passionately obsessed with it. April in the A will highlight so many hidden gems and popular Atlanta sports, events, festivals, games, restaurants etc. I’ve been in Atlanta for about a year now and I’ve done and gone to some pretty dope events and for the most part, I filmed it all.  Stay tuned to see all there is to do down in the A, I promise it’ll only be a MINUTE of your time. Prepare to be bedazzled, you guys!

Thirty days of April in the A starts now.

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