A Little Witches Tale…

What if I told you everything you ever wanted was attainable and you had the inner powers to do so?Sounds like a bunch of hippie witch sh!t right? To some??.. Sure! But for those who understand the Laws of the Universe, they too understand that you are entitled to your greatest desires. 


You ever wonder why hippies are so happy? And witches are so damn powerful?

Well allow me to let you in on some universal secrets or refresh your memory for those who are interested.

There are 12 Universal Laws of the Universe. 

In no particular order, here they are:

  1. Law of Attraction
  2. Law of Vibration
  3. Law of Action
  4. Law of Divine Oneness
  5. Law of Cause and Effect
  6. Law of Compensation
  7. Law of Vibration
  8. Law of Relativity 
  9. Law of Rhythm
  10. Law of Gender
  11. Law of Perpetual Transmutation of Energy
  12. The law of Polarity

They are not preached enough but very important to know and understand. Its the reasons your life is currently shaping the way it is and it’s they’re great reminders to be conscious of the present and your divine powers. Some relate to it as religion and praying to God, while others on a spiritual level, sometimes involving science, chants, physics and more. 

I’m not going to get into the breakdown of each and every law, (please do your research) but I do what to share how a few of these has helped me get my self in order and started living out my dreams. 

(This is not a bragging post either, I just want to share my secrets). This happy witch coming to you extremely humble. 



OK, so my favorite law that I probably preach the most about is The Law of Attraction. 

The law of attraction is simple: thoughts become things. 


Your thoughts are scientifically proven to hold various frequencies and when you think of certain things, your thoughts are met with frequencies of action. 

If you want love, put that frequency out of showing the world love, and I bet love will come to you much faster than sitting there upset thinking about being lonely. 

You must concentration of the things you want, rather than the opposite.

As a kid, if want your mom to buy Froot Loops cereal the next time she went to the store, you wouldn’t sit there and think about the off-brand Raisin Brand that you hated…?, would you? NO! Your mind was focused on pouring your breakfast bowl the next morning, drooling as that spoon hit your tongue with the greatest satisfaction eating some fruity Froot Loops. Right?

You thought about what you wanted, you put the energy out there, asked for it, and who knows, maybe you had those Froot loops the next day waiting for you.

Now let’s take it to a grander scale. (I don’t know why we unlearn the basic principles we learn as children).

My wish: I want to travel, film and do what I love.

I imagined it. Made vision & bulletin boards, and journaled. Descriptive of where I wanted to go and imagined me doing it. I daydreamed about new locations whether in the U.S or not and thought of ways to get there. Whether it was a music festival, a supermax prison or months of adventuring other countries…  I researched and told people about my newfound thoughts. I emit that frequency out into the universe on a daily basis. I am not thinking about going broke in another country without food to eat, I am thinking of thriving and having a great time. I don’t think about being stuck in the Michigan snow all winter, I see myself out exploring elsewhere.

What came next was the universe allowing me the opportunity and means to do so.

Think about what you want, and it will come back to you. Think about what you don’t want and that it will come as well. The law of Attraction isn’t biased to your thoughts. It doesn’t decipher through to sort out what you really want. The frequencies received and given are blunt. What you put out is what you attract. 

Werid, huh?


For those who are clueless to what I’m talking about, please go watch/read The Secret and take some serious notes. This movie seriously changed my life the moment I watched it and I know it has the power to change yours if you really put your mind to it.



The Law of Action is our personal ability to manifestation. This is the law that reminds us that dreams don’t work unless we do. That action is necessary to understand if you want to get what you want.

“The Law of action states that you must do the things and perform the actions necessary to achieve what you are setting out to do. Unless you take actions that are in harmony with your thoughts and dreams and proceed in an orderly fasion towards what you want to accomplish, there will be absolutely no foreseeable results.  It is here with the law of action that most people falter when pursuing success.  It could be their fears or laziness that get in the way.” -As stated here. (Thanks internet!)


About two years ago, I was extremely tight for money, living in the basement of a (nicely put) east Atlanta party house. I was sleeping with my mattress on the floor & sharing a bed with a friend. CNN hadn’t called me back after an interview and I had no idea where to take my brand new infant baby, we know as April in the A. Tired, broke, yet always working I knew this wasn’t’ meant for me. Already knowing the principles from The Secret, I realized I hadn’t put the universal laws to test yet. I was surrounded by negativity and accepted what life gave me.

I started writing down EVERYTHING I wanted to accomplish. I had giant post-it’s that I put all over my room with goals that I’d see on a daily basis. I also put pictures up reminding me of all I’d done in the past (because sometimes you forget your greatness) and printed out other portraits of what I wanted to do in life. I put Oprah on the background of my phone and changed my Instagram bio to “Travel Vlogger” yet hadn’t stepped foot out of the U.S. (besides Canada) and started reciting affirmations and telling myself daily things I was grateful for.

Immediately, life started to change. I began attracting more positive people into my life, and opportunities began unfolding. I moved into a better environment and my life was taking a more positive turn. Nowhere close to where I wanted to be, I had to put in hours after hours of work, dedicating my life to uprooting my brand to something more. I didn’t have it together but I started rephrasing my sentences to “I want to” to “I am” and, “I will.”

The thing about the Universe is that it only understands the frequency’s you put out. And the thing about dreams is that nothing worth it comes without hard work. I continued filming, editing, and creating.. each time, learning more getting better and more efficient. Cringing at mistakes, (while attempting to keep positive) and trying not to repeat. I realized my dream wasn’t quite the cheapest so stepped up my work ethic. I got another job where’d I’d work late nights and long weekends. I knew what I wanted didn’t come easy and I put action towards making my current dream a reality.

And guess fucking what? After all that hard work, and action of constantly leveling up my brand, I attracted a network and a job that allowed me to travel frequently.

Say it ain’t so.

The law of action is how we get things rolling.

Your actions have to align with your dreams. In most cases it what you enjoy doing the most, so lucky you. But nothing has the ability to fully manifest itself if you just stand there. Want to fulfill your dreams? Then Do! Start now!



An old friend of mine would always cheers to ‘abundance’ and I loved it. She understood the ‘Law of the Universe’, and abundance falls right in with The Law of Compensation.

The Law of Compensation is when you are compensated for your deeds and when compensation pays its dues, blessings, and abundance arrive. It’s showing constant gratitude, living a life full of love and giving purposefully, and allowing compensation to come back and reward you.

Compensation can come in many forms such as money, gifts, people, new jobs and experiences. You may win a prize, receive a thank you card, come into an inheritance, make a new like-minded friend, get some help or attract something you have been wishing for. “

This law ties in a lot with the Law of Cause and Effect. Put out the best version of yourself and you will be compensated. Smile and you get smiles in return.  I will get into this later, but moving back to Michigan was the best move for me.

Learn to use the Law of Compensation to create a good, healthy and prosperous life. You won’t meet a poor witch. If you do, then know they are not using the universal laws in the correct way.



Now this one is a big one.

Everything is connected to everything else. What we think, say, do and believe will have a corresponding effect on others and the world around us.

Think about it this way…
We are all made up of particles. Everything from the earth to the sun is also made up of particles. While our influence may not stretch out to others like the sun does to everyone, everything in your direct vicinity is affected by you and you affected by it.
There are no spaces between it. They vibrate and bounce off each other, bash together and even have arguments.
We are connected to the people, the ground we walk on and the air we breathe.
Divine all-knowing, the matrix, pure consciousness or universal mind energy, sometimes also known as Life Force or God.  Everything is one.
It is essential that the thoughts, feeling, and actions be for good.  This is why ya girl only practices white magic. When I call unto the universe, I try to only call unto what I want in return. I only do things that I wouldn’t mind having done to me.  The Law of Three, karma and other principles state that, for we “reap what we sow”. Remember that.
You are God, and God is you. We are always connected to the force of God because energy is God. God created her own universe, now start creating your own.
I hope this helps you start living your life to its greatest potential. We all deserve to achieve our deepest desires. Feel free to leave feedback, and we can get a conversation going. 

All love, 


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