April is the start of my new year. It just is.OK. So according to my tactics, we’ve officially stepped into the last couple of weeks until we celebrate a new year of APRIL!

So that means that here in March we are wrapping up a year of exursions, adventures and random thoughts. It’s been a helluve a year and there are so many things you have yet to see.

Last April I decided to spend a month in Asia where I spent most of my time in Tokyo && Okinawa, Japan a few days in Xiamen China. The amount of hours spent filming nearly matched my time there. I explore to create. From shrines, to sumo wrestling, caves, restaurants, and a vast amount of museums, my camera was always with me.

After Asia, I spent some time in Oregon celebrating my (MAY) birthday. (Yes I was not born in April for the 10298039842 time.) Oregon was mad dope. I surfed. I trailed into the incredible pot smoking Portland and and enjoyed being a part of the earth in its most natural setting.

I eventually returned back to Atlanta where I was living where I settled for a few months. Taking in Atlanta for the last time as I knew my time was limited if I was going to take my brand to a new level.

After Atlanta, I returned to my humble cold city Detroit Michigan where the plan was to travel to ever city starting with the letter A and do it all over again. I didn’t. Plans fell through which lead me to an amazing media job for a private practice. Luckily God leads me exactly where I should be because that job help open me up to traveling even more. Since then, in 6 months  I’ve captured, Amherstburg, Ontario, Anaheim, (California) Alcatraz Island, Antelope Canyon (Arizona), Amacolola Falls (North Georgia), Armada (Michigan) Vegas a few times,  back to Atlanta a few more, Toronto  and then ended up in other cities such as Ann Arbor, Auburn Hills, etc.

Lucky, maybe? Blessed? Definitely.

Come April, I’ll be heading off to a few other international A letter countries where I’ll spend another month capturing my surrounding.  But for now, it’s time to get out the old so I can bring in the new.


Come explore with me as we rewind 2018 and outpour a year of unseen footage.

The Journey is my Favorite Part. 

xoxo, A

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