Fit Friday 1.27.17 — Rise Up

Hey you fine people,

Today marks week three of my Fit Friday, and I was pretty pressed for time most of the week. There was a lot going on, from attending various events, shooting and editing videos, to balancing work, sleep and still trying to squeeze in a little play time. So this week,  just like this very post, I found myself cutting my workouts a little short.

One of the things I realized, is that people will use every excuse not to work out and time is often the biggest factor. I’m here to tell you that ANY workout beats no workout and to get your butt moving. Even if you only have 15-20 minutes to do so, that is still enough time to get your sweat on.

My workouts this week varied from both treadmill and outdoor running, lower body exercises, using gym machines and upper body workouts, using 10-pound dumbells.

Below is a video, shot by Luwam and edited by yours truly, where I show you a quick way to get some guns without spending too much time in the gym.

Oh and Rise up Atlanta!, we done made it to the Super Bowl!


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