Fit Friday 1.20.17 — A Thick Line Between Tots and Peaches


I will not eat any more tater tots. I WILL NOT EAT ANY MORE TATER TOTS! OK so this might sound like a silly affirmation but I’ve discovered during my fitness journey that I really have to change my eating habits. While it’s pretty easy to get motivated to go to the gym and workout, I have this insane love for food that I can’t seem to put to rest. It also doesn’t help that I work at a restaurant so anything both healthy and fattening, are constantly at my fingertips.

As I endure this serious level of fitness, I know one thing is for sure about how I want my future appearance to look. I want to be shredded without getting too bulky. I’m striving for lean yet somewhat intimating muscles without getting too thick in the process, which is why I have to cut back on a few flavorful irresistible items such as Atlanta’s fried chicken, tater tots, the mouth-watering desserts like brownie sundaes smothered in layers of chocolate drizzled ice cream. I mean as I get more accumulated to southern living, there are a lot of yummy, yet unhealthy habits I’ve picked up.

I wouldn’t necessary call myself a completely unhealthy person, but I can do better and I will.

SO to do so, I will eat much healthier items at work such as this Duley salad above which contains salmon, oranges, tomatoes, wonton crisps, and cashews. I will only eat healthy items when going out such as this amazing sushi burrito and I will try to make time to cook more at home. I’m not saying I’m giving up on what the south has to offer, but I’ll try to find alternatives while still enjoying Atlanta’s southern cuisine.


So this week I challenged myself to do more squats than I’ve ever done before. I am currently living in the peach state,  and when in Rome do like the Romans… right? In lamer terms,  I want a personal peach on my body because who doesn’t want to look like one of those rap guys girlfriends! Lmao! (I can’t laugh my ass off too hard, I don’t want to loose any progress hahaha)  But(T) unfortunately, my mother did not pass her behind down to me so I had to start from literally the flattest black girl butt you’ve ever laid eyes, on and squat my way to some roundness.

My squat routine varies week to week, but this week I tried to do at least 100 squats per day. This varied from star jumping squats ( I make up my own names for these exercises), monster squats, lunges and table kicks. Here is a fun, quirky video to show you just exactly how I get down — literally.

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