My Fitness Experiment — Week 6

Week six.

My motto for this week apparently was “I run to eat whatever I want.” And while it’s sometimes ok to cheat on eating clean but make sure it doesn’t get out of control. This week I let it get out of control.

My diet ranged from sandwiches, eggs,  “egg sandwiches” , fried foods, beer, etc. To add to it, I ate everything I could think of at work. There, I stuffed dozens of handfuls of tatar tots in my chopper, I nibbled on all of the “mess-ups”, ordered desserts such as banana splits, fried oreos, and even bought and snuck an order of Totchos while we were slammed. I was a very bad girl. I have this rebellious habit when anything is going too good. I have to mess it up. I destroyed my diet and took away the abs I just got. Sadly, I’m pretty sure the trait carries on in my life far beyond my obnoxious food cravings. Whenever something is too perfect in my life, I always find a way to self destruct. ugh. This week was the week of self destruct. Lets see how much it takes to get back to ground zero. Lol but really.

So to feel better about my guilty pleasures, I ran.



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